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Take Five

Take Five

Your music can only wait so long.

for iPhone

99 cents

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Take Five is also available for Mac OS X

Frequently Asked Questions

The timer doesn’t count down when I lock the device. Why not?

If the device is not connected to a power source, it goes into a “power save” mode 15 seconds after the screen goes dark. The timer stops when this happens and there’s nothing the app can do to prevent it. On iOS 4, Take Five can delay the power save mode, but only for 5 minutes.

If you experience this problem, there are two workarounds:

  1. Don’t use power switch and just let Take Five run normally. You should also adjust the “auto lock” feature to avoid the power save mode. Go to the Settings app and select General > Auto-Lock > 5 Minutes.
  2. Leave your iPhone or iPod touch connected to a power source so that the power save mode is not activated.

Can Take Five pause music from other audio apps like Pandora?

No. Apple currently only supports playback control with the iPod app.

We have submitted a feature request to Apple engineers to support this and will update the app if/when they provide the function. We love Internet radio, too!

Can I change the length of the default pause time?

No, but it’s easy to move the slider to set a custom time once the pause is started.

Why does the timer sometimes stop after 10 minutes?

iOS 4 limits applications running in the background to 10 minutes. To avoid, leave Take Five running in the foreground so that you can see it on your screen and do not return to the home screen.

Does Take Five work with podcasts, albums & individual songs?

Yes, when you already have them playing in the iPod app. However, you can't currently select those items from within Take Five's music browser.